Couples Counselling in Woodley and Reading

Every relationship encounters its own problems, challenges, and obstacles. If you live near Woodley and Reading and need couples or marriage counselling, then you’re in the right place. I have trained at several psychotherapy institutes in couple counselling and am in ongoing Continual Professional Development.

Couple’s counselling offers a space for couples to work through the ways that they relate so that they can find more fulfilling ways of being together. Couple counselling is a place where issues can be discussed safely and with a focus on creating healthier ways of relating.

Relationship counselling for couples near Reading

Relationship counselling for couples often involves exploring any conflicts or issues that have arisen between partners. Issues could include such things as past hurts, issues of poor communication, sexual issues, and other aspects of the relationship that create difficulties.

Couple’s counselling is also an excellent resource for couples who don’t have any specific issues or problems but want to strengthen their marriage or relationship. If you’re a couple in Woodley or Reading and would like to talk to an experienced, accredited marriage counsellor, I’m happy to help.

Initial Assessment for couple’s counselling

When you come to your first couple’s counselling session, the initial meeting is an assessment which takes fifty minutes. This time is spent exploring what you both want from couple’s counselling. I will take information to help me understand your specific situation and we will all explore how we can best work together.

Couples Counselling Sessions

Couple’s counselling sessions will be focused on us working through whatever you both feel is most helpful to explore. There may be an element of the two of you exploring issues between sessions so you can best help yourselves to change.

All close relationships have their ups and downs, and most couples can struggle and go through difficult times. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. If you’d like to book your first couple’s counselling session in Woodley or the Reading area, you can fill out my online contact form or give me a call today.

Couple’s counselling costs in Reading

  • Initial Assessment – £45
  • Weekly Session – £45

I am able to accept cash, cheques or BACS. I will invoice you at the end of each month.

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