About Counselling

Counselling offers a way for you to look at and work through issues that trouble you in life. Counselling offers a confidential, non judgmental space to explore difficult emotions and experiences so you can re-imagine your life and future in more fulfilling ways.

When people find life hard it is natural to want to withdraw through shame or fear, or find behaviours that make us feel better but are unhealthy, and perhaps start relating to others in ways that aren’t genuine and can become stuck, repetitive or painful. However within an empathic counselling setting we have the potential to help see ourselves in healthy creative ways, where new ways of being are possible.

I work as an integrative counsellor, which means I try and undertand people from a variety of perspectives. I think that the past impacts our present experience of life, alongside our current relationships and situations. Through exploring our issues with a counsellor we can learn to gain insight into how our past has shaped us and how our current circumstances can be lived in more fruitful ways.

Counselling helps people take charge of their lives and honestly work through areas of relationships or behaviours that cause pain or control us. I am able to work with issues of:

Depression / Anxiety / Body Image / Addiction / Shame/ Trust/ Issues With Pornography / Eating Disorders / Mental Health Issues / Relationship Difficulties / Low Self Esteem / Self Harm / Trauma / Anger Management / Weight and Body Issues / Unresolved Past Hurts / Panic Attacks / Phobias / Working With Loved Ones Of People Struggling With Addiction / Emotional Difficulties / Stress

Within a counselling relationship you are supported to build on the strengths you will already have whilst letting go of, or living more helpfully with those aspects of yourself you struggle with. This may involve learning skills to overcome problematic behaviours, or exploring present or past relationships and events that have caused or are causing hurt.

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